I'm Nick. I live in Shelby Township, MI
I do a lot of different things.

If you want to get in touch you can email me or find me on Github, LinkedIn or Flickr.


I've worked in the Supply Chain Logistics industry for over ten years. I've done a lot of things in the field so far. Right now what captivates me most is business intelligence and streamlining daily operations using simple, easy-to-use web apps.

I love data. I believe every data set has a story to tell and I enjoy mining through it to understand what it has to say.


I studied Computer Science at Michigan State University for three years and graduated with a degree in Applied Engineering Science.

I find programming to be a unique blend of non-negotiable absolutes and creative expression. With 0's and 1's there is no gray area but there can be multiple solutions coded for the same problem.

After trying a number of different languages, starting with C++, to Python, to JS, I came back to Ruby. It's just the best fit for me.


I have a love-hate relationship with running. I hate the actual act of running but I'm addicted to the natural "high" that comes after a run. As Dean Karnazes says, "no matter how bad it goes, I always feel better after a run than I did before."

After a few years of endurance running I've discovered a new-found love in adventure racing. The mix of disciplines and teamwork involved make it much more enjoyable. I also have an interest in mountaineering after a recent summit-bid on Mount Rainier.


The hardest, most important, and most rewarding job I've ever had.